• Are KN95 Masks Effective?

  • Are KN95 Masks Effective?

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    With the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak still enveloping the U.S., frontline healthcare workers continue to face massive challenges on a daily basis. Apart from coping with the mental effects of battling the pandemic, they also need to uphold their safety every step of the way.

    While personal protective equipment (PPE) can help reduce the risk of catching the virus, the shortage of these essential items poses yet another issue. If you work as a healthcare professional or manage a medical facility, you may have firsthand experience witnessing these problems.

    That’s where emergency alternatives to established options come into the picture. Take the KN95, for instance. As a substitute to the N95 filtering facepiece respirator (FFR), which holds widespread recognition in the U.S. medical sector, the KN95 is currently gaining popularity among healthcare workers as essential PPE.

    But that’s where the questions arise. Is KN95 effective? Does it provide ample protection in healthcare settings? More importantly, is it a reliable choice during a deadly pandemic?

    Fortunately, finding the answers to these questions is not that difficult.

    The KN95 is FDA-Approved for Its Efficacy

    The N95 mask is known for its usage to block particulate matter from entering the wearer’s respiratory system. This also includes protection from viruses such as the one that causes COVID-19. The way the mask is built can block at least 95 percent of particles from dust, fumes, and mists. This efficacy is where the mask gets its name as well as its approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

    On the other hand, the KN95 mask performs the same function. It simply has another name because of its certification standards that adhere to safety specifications in China. Other than that, it is also capable of providing the same level of protection as N95. That is why these masks have received approval for emergency use from the FDA during the COVID-19 outbreak.

    The Face Mask Provides an Effective Seal Against Your Face

    The N95 FFR is so popular among healthcare workers because of the protective seal that it forms around the wearer’s face. This seal essentially blocks the surrounding air from entering the mask without filtration and delivers optimal protection from harmful particles. As mentioned above, the KN95 mask works the same way and forms its own seal around the wearer’s face through its professionally-fitted design.

    As a result, the only way for the wearer to breathe in surrounding air is through the mask’s filter material. This makes sure that the user donning the mask is only taking in clean air that’s clear of at least 95 percent of external particles. This makes it an effective choice of PPE and an important option during COVID-19, where reducing the risk of infection is top priority for healthcare facilities.

    The KN95 is More Easily Accessible Than N95

    One of the reasons why the FDA approved KN95 for COVID-19 settings is its widespread availability during the pandemic. While N95 FFRs have become hard to find in various U.S. territories, KN95 masks are readily available through a variety of vendors. This ensures that you or your healthcare facility’s employees don’t have to ration or reuse masks and put everyone’s health at risk.

    The key is to purchase these KN95 masks through credible vendors, who only acquire and sell FDA-approved PPE. This ensures that you are purchasing reliable KN95 masks that could protect yourself or your healthcare team from the pandemic’s risks. Fortunately, finding such a vendor is not difficult when you know where to look. For instance, Source Ortho stands out as a trustworthy vendor that sells CE-certified KN95 masks in various quantities.

    As long as you obtain your FFR and other PPE from trustworthy vendors, it ensures that you are taking the necessary protection measures. In case of any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the vendor directly so you can get the answers to all your critical inquiries.